Why Atlas Drone Solutions

Energy, Utilities, Construction, Transportation, Mining

Why Choose Atlas Drone Solutions for Your Inspections

Atlas Drone Solutions will provide a cheaper and faster solution for aerial inspections. You do not incur the traditional maintenance and fuel costs (cost per blade hour) of helicopters. 

The technology of Drone flight programs will allow you to visually see the flight path that will exactly be flown by the drone. That gives you complete control of your inspections needs. 

Faster Flights

Drones are on site, next to equipment needing to be inspected. No need to travel from airports and back for fuel like manned helicopters. Short delays in Drone flight to swap batteries will be on site. Job completion time is optimized. 

Faster Footage

Using cloud technology and end to end A.I. programing software the images can be rendered within 48 hours (or less) depending on your needs. 

It's Safer

Lastly, all this is accomplished with out putting human lives at risk either climbing a tall structure or flying a helicopters in high risk environments.

Quality Tech Equals Quality Inspections

State of the Art Drone Technology

Skydio 2 (S2) is the industry-leading autonomous drone. 

S2 combines the AI-powered flight autonomy engine with a compact, lightweight airframe, making it the most intelligent, safest and simplest drone to operate in the market.

Thanks to real-time 360° obstacle avoidance and motion prediction capabilities, S2 redefines the operational paradigm of drones, eliminating the risk of crashes and turning anyone into an expert pilot. Equipped with NVIDIA Tegra TX2 with 256 GPU cores, S2 brings industry-leading compute power to the edge of your infrastructure, automating data collection for situational awareness, inspection or security. Designed, assembled, and supported in the USA, S2 provides higher degree of supply chain security.